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Spark is a startup studio based in Oslo, and is a part of XY01. Founded in 2018 by a group of people that shared one dream. To shape a better and more sustainable future by creating, developing and scaling brands that people love.

Being in love with the energy that happens when people interact with companies, and experience their products and technology, we truly believe in the concept of brand and how it accelerates growth. This is why everything we do is fundamentally based on how brands are built and how technology can enable and create experiences in the minds of its audiences.

We are on a mission to spark new ideas and help founders succeed. Creating the brands of tomorrow - for a better and more sustainable future.

entrepreneurs at heart

Having founded and exited several companies ourselves we know what it takes. Collectively we have worked with launching, scaling and transforming companies in more than 30 countries and our network spans from Oslo to Shanghai, and from London to New York.

Jesper Kreiborg

e: jk@xy01.com
p: +47 911 79 000

Carina Åkredalen

e: ca@xy01.com
p: +47 958 82 139

Robert Leinders-Krog

e: rlk@xy01.com
p: +47 928 80 111

John Eivind Hallén

e: jeh@xy01.com
p: +47 916 64 464

Michael Chang

e: mc@xy01.com
p: +86 1381 60 45050

Ulrik Hoksnes Karlsen

e: uhk@xy01.com
p: +86 1376 12 32401

Thomas Koniordos

e: tk@xy01.com
p: +49 1511 112 0231

Bjørnar Fjeld


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