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Finally a dog harness with the perfect fit, for all dogs. For the ultimate flexibility and performance. Canion aims to become the leading provider of K9 performance gear. 



Harnesses have not evolved in years. Both professional and private dog handlers struggle to find the right fit for their dog. Resulting in pain, stress, uncomfortableness, and poor performance.

Canion has developed and patented a harness that has a perfect fit, for ultimate flexibility and performance. The harness is ergonomically engineered for the toughest of dog handlers. Made by an innovative machine production method with a flexible and modular rope solution.

The harness is designed for flexibility and movement. It is 100% adjustable and flexible to suit every dog perfectly. The rope is made by a water-repellent material for a comfortable and dry fit, also making it more durable. Canion is also the first to introduce a harness that is adaptable with easy clip-on solutions for smart technology, enabling comfort and performance. Providing safety and flexibility for both dogs and their owners, whilst taking the potential of the dog to a new level.


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XY01 is a strategic partner and shareholder of Canion and primarily assist with brand and business development, as well as sales, communication & GTM strategies and fundraising.


Canion has confirmed its initial pilot customers for product testing. The harness will be available at soft-launch in early 2022. 
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