Nion - video, chat or walk’n’talk with a therapist

Nion is a low-threshold and affordable digital mental healthservice “in your pocket”, where therapists are easilyavailable via an app.



The idea of Nion was born back in 2019 by two master graduate students in Psychology, Marcus Reach and Tord Wold. Mental health issues is becoming an increasing problem in Norway and
Internationally - and with increasing waiting lists to get treatment. From experience they knew that many find it both scary and expensive to go to a psychologist. They wanted to introduce Nion as a low threshold, easy access and affordable service to people that need "someone to talk to” - either via chat, video or physical meetings.

Think Uber, for people that need someone qualified to talk to if they struggle with anxiety, stress, depression, sleeplessness etc.

Nion aims to be an intermediate and preventive mental health service available in your pocket via an App, where the goal is that everyone should be able to afford to talk to competent professionals, without having to wait in month-long queues, by offering them access to a large network of therapists online or offline - when they need it.


our role

XY01 is a strategic partner and co-founder of Nion. We have assisted primarily with brand and business development, sales & communication strategy, as well as app design & development and fundraising.


  • Strategic insight & advisory
  • Concept development
  • Business development
  • Business model
  • Investor presentation
  • High-fidelity UI/UX
  • Fundraising
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